Southeast’s Premier Pallet Manufacturer

Pallets Plus, Inc. has been supplying custom wooden pallets to the Southeast Region for over 30 years. Across the Southeast, our customers recognize our efforts and attention to detail when it comes to the overall quality of our pallets and how we continually monitor the market to provide the best possible pricing. This is why we have been able to earn the respect, trust, and right to do business with many of the top companies in East Tennessee.

In 2006, Pallets Plus came under new ownership and set out to make significant upgrades to our facilities and equipment to better serve our customers and actively earn new customers. Not only did we expand our production facilities, double our production capacity and quadruple our transportation capabilities, we also added a “heat treatment” facility for all our current and new customers who require overseas product shipments.

One of the big reasons why companies choose Pallets Plus, Inc. as their wooden pallet supplier is because we recognize that a “pallet” is not just a “pallet”. Pallets Plus works hard to help each of our customers and new potential customers design the specific pallet needed to transport their products. By taking the time to listen to each customer, review what will be shipped on each pallet and how each pallet will be used, Pallets Plus can deliver the most cost effective pallet solutions. These cost effective solutions not only save our customers money in the overall pallet price, the savings can also be seen in transportation costs related to weight and rejected deliveries due to damaged pallets.

Lastly, when you have a dedicated group of long-term employees, you can multiply the combined work experiences into the thousands. This allows our Pallets Plus customers to rest assured that whatever their challenges might be in meeting their customers’ needs, we have experienced them before and will overcome them. We can say this with confidence because Pallets Plus has a long history of retaining our customers and their confidence in us.

At Pallets Plus we try hard not to take anything for granted. We consider it an honor to work for all of our customers and would love to earn the right to do business with every company seeking a quality pallet supplier.

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