Our Pallets

Pallets Plus, Inc. has the capabilities, software and equipment to manufacture a variety of custom products to meet our customers shipping and transportation requirements.

Some of our “standard” styles of pallets include:

  • Two-way Entry Stringer Pallet
  • Four-way Entry Stringer Pallet
  • “Warehouse” Pallets
  • Skids and Pallet Toppers
  • Cross Boards for Corrugated Pallet Support
  • Support Boards for Corrugated Pallet Support

Each different style of pallet and/or board is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers for shipping their products. Pallets Plus accomplishes this task by using an industry standard software known as PDS© (Pallet Design Software) developed by the NWPCA and Virginia Tech.

Here is how it works …

A description of the product weight, load points and keep points on how the product will be used is entered into the PDS© software. The result is a detailed 2D/3D spec for each pallet allowing our customers to see exactly how their pallet will perform while in use. As a first step in quality control and to ensure accurate communication, this engineering is always completed before any of our Pallets Plus customers products are manufactured.

To see an example of a standard GMA PDS© design, please click here.

Heat Treated Pallets * ISPM 15 Compliant Pallets * Export Pallets

Pallets Plus currently provides these services for several of our customers and will remain committed to actively complying with all national regulations.


ISPM 15: Developed by the IPPC that directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries. It affects all wood packaging material (pallets, crates, dunnages, etc) requiring that they be treated with heat or fumigated with methyl bromide and marked, often branded, with a seal of compliance. This seal of compliance is colloquially known as the “bug stamp.” Products exempt from the ISPM 15 are made from alternative material, like paper, plastic or manufactured wood products (eg. plywood).

IPPC: “The International Plant Protection Convention” is a multilateral treaty to harmonize regulations governing those imports that could impact the physical condition of forest and crops. The IPPC (now 134 different countries) adopted voluntary compliance standards in 2003.

FAO: “The Food & Agriculture Organization” has ultimate oversight of the treaty.

APHIS: “The U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service” has oversight of compliance of the standard within the USA.

ALSC: “The American Lumber Standards Committee” has been selected by APHIS as the manager of this program in the USA.

Timber Products Inc.: as approved and monitored by ALSC inspects and certifies monthly The Heat Treatment Process and Services performed at Pallets Plus Inc.

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